Tuesday, September 29, 2009

call central casting

The government of Nigeria's Oyo state has demolished the long-standing Bodija Market in Ibadan and plans to replace it with a parking lot, This Day reports. The market had at least 700 stores and a 2006 census listed 15,000 residents.

Why? Blame the usual suspects:

Ademola Omotoso, the chairman of the Ibadan North Local Government Council of Oyo State, told the newspaper that the government "decided to pull down illegal structures in the market to save residents from criminals" adding that people were "carrying out illegal businesses like prostitution, drug peddling and gun running in the area" and taht "the place served as hideout for hardened criminals who found it a safe haven after terrorising neighbouring areas."

And here's a real gem: "It was widely reported that a man called Dogo allegedly slashed the throat of a man in this particular area and took away his intestine for whatever purpose."


Unknown said...

Because we every civilized person knows that all poor people are crazy criminals. Displacing 15,000 people for a parking lot should be a crime, not a public works project. Am I the only person reading this? Surely there are others who read Mr. Neuwirths fantastic blogs. I encourage you to speak up and speak out.

larry said...

@brian you are right... great post