Friday, November 4, 2011

A small town in England gets it right

Merchants in Ilfracombe (population: 10,800), in the Shire of Devon, in the South West of the UK, have decided that, during the celebration of the lighting of the city's Christmas lights on Nov. 30th, they're going to confront System D streetsellers. But they're not going to kick out or attempt to criminalize the unlicensed hawkers of glow sticks, balloons and toys. Rather, they're going to ask the street vendors to pony up -- to offer to help to defray the costs of the event, which is funded and staffed through volunteer contributions.

"We are going to ask these sellers for a donation towards the event," said Mark Goodenough of the High Street Traders' group. "If they refuse we will tell them to move on and we may even sell our own products at half the price to discourage them."

This is great: rather than criminalize the informal hawkers, the merchants of this town have decided to embrace them and give them a chance to contribute to the event that brings the town together.The North Devon Journal has details.


Ndubuisi Edeoga said...

Hi Rn,
Just read your book "stealth of Nations"
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rn said...

Ah, I cite something from an economist and it turns out to be wrong. I should have known.

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