Tuesday, January 24, 2012

how to ensure equitable development

The headline offers the answer: Informal Economy Ensures Equitable Development. This article, about Papua New Guinea, comes from InterPress Service. Here's an inspiring detail:

Bire Nikil moved to Port Moresby from Chimbu Province in the highlands to start a food garden several years ago. At Gordons Market, he is surrounded by five of his relatives who assist him with growing and selling kaukau (sweet potato), bananas, aibika (Pacific cabbage), pineapples, peanuts, watermelon, mangoes and coconuts, all transported in by public minibus. Nikil’s weekly income of K300 (142 dollars) supports 20-25 people, including relatives in Chimbu province.
I love Papua New Guinea's policy statement that the informal economy constitutes "the grassroots expression" of the private sector.

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