Tuesday, July 24, 2012


More on the insanity of trademarks and copyright, from a New York Times article about the London 2012 Games:

A butcher in Weymouth, near a yachting competition site, was told to take down the five-ring Olympic logo he had made with images of sausage links. A lingerie seller in central England was asked to remove a display that showcased the rings using bras and mannequins as the Olympic torch passed by....
Marketers could be in jeopardy if they use two of the next four words: “Games,” “two thousand and twelve,” “2012” and “twenty-twelve.” And using any one of those words in tandem with “London,” “medals,” “sponsors,” “summer,” “gold,” “silver” and “bronze” is a no-no.

Of course, the authorities are ready to prosecute "unauthorized trading" near any of the event sites.

Sheesh: when the Pope came to the UK, the police allowed street vendors to sell 'pope on a rope soap.' I hope no local costermongers are planning to sell Chinese-made 'Usain Bolt Cutters' -- because the organizers of these games clearly have no sense of fun.

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