Tuesday, May 14, 2013

live from the banlieues...it's System D

Self-development arising from the most deprived neighborhoods of Paris is defying the odds in austerity-crushed Europe. The New York Times reports.

Raoul Sodjinou, who emigrated to Paris from the Republic of Benin and is trying to make his struggling cosmetics business a winner, confided the key to what he believes will be his ultimate success: “Those who say stop — that’s not me."

The article doesn't say if any of these entrepreneurial efforts started off-the-books. But it's the entrepreneurial spirit that is true to System D as well: “If we wait for the government to do something, people will just remain stuck,” Mourad Benamer, founder of the successful franchise Eat Sushi chain of restaurants, said. “If we want things to improve, we have to do it ourselves."

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