Thursday, July 4, 2013

giving Africa the business

Just what Africa needs: an executive MBA program that will teach business to "local managers working for international firms" in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The FT has details. Tuition for the one-year program will cost almost $9,500 per student. The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management says that its presence in the DRC offers “great market opportunities.” The FT comments that "the DRC, a country of 75m people at the heart of the African continent, represents an untapped market."

This, in a country that, last year, won the award for the worst income situation in the world, with a GDP per-capita (the current stand-in for per-capita income) of $231. Millions in the DRC are missing out on basic education and the average teacher received perhaps $40 a month (that's $480 a year--but since salaries are rarely paid on time, parents often band together to pay extra to teachers to keep them on the job.)

When will we ever learn that true development and education and transformation has to start at the bottom.

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