Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a solution to e-waste... the informal sector

HP has announced the results of a new study, conducted in partnership with the Global Digital Solidarity Fund and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (
.) The conclusion: by working cooperatively with the informal sector, a recycling plant set up in South Africa processed approximately 60 tonnes of electronic equipment, generated an income of around $14,000 from February to November 2008 and created direct employment for 19 people. The project also seeks to incorporate informal processing activities that have proved highly effective in dealing with waste, by transforming them into sustainable and environmentally sound operations.

"Our research has shown that a solution is at hand and demonstrated some of the incredible entrepreneurial skills we can tap into in the informal sector in Africa," said Project Manager and Empa researcher Mathias Schluep. "By providing tools and training we have removed potential environmental and health problems that can be caused by handling e-waste incorrectly. What’s more, we have created a channel to full employment for creative minds in the informal sector."


Tunji Lardner said...

Robert, in light of the recent expose on the dumping of e-waste in Lagos, perhaps this might be an interesting possibility for your favorite city Lagos. What do you think? And when are you coming back?

rn said...

Yes, Tunji. I do think this could be a great model for Lagos to adopt. There's no reason why Ladipo and Alaba (and points in between) shouldn't have something like this in operation.