Friday, February 6, 2009

wanted for hawking

These kids are among Lagos's most-wanted criminals, according to the private company that controls the roads in one of the wealthiest areas of Nigeria's biggest city. Here are the details, courtesy of Timbuktu Media's

The idea, according to the article, is this: Lagos is trying to recreate itself as a model city, and therefore the Lekki Concession Company, which is building the arterial expressway on the Lekki Peninsula, the quick-growing rich area of the city, has determined that "street trading, begging, hawking, and dumping of refuse along the completed part of the road, is prohibited."

Of course, this road probably has the richest drivers in the city....which explains why the hawkers might be there: it's where the money is.

And anyway, just what is so bad about hawkers: they're just making a living. Or is it that wealthy Nigerians just want them out of sight, and out of mind?

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