Monday, October 17, 2011

the book on the blog

Well, it's finally time:

Stealth of Nations, the book, hits the stores tomorrow. On Saturday, the The Wall Street Journal reviewed it. And you can get a taste of what's inside the covers on Bloomberg View.


Anonymous said...


I;d love to read your new book and I am also still looking for a copy of Shadow Citites. Both are not easy to find where I live...

Is there a change I could buy the books as an ePub or PDF?

please email me at if so. I am able to make a direct payment with Paypal if this is ok for you.

rn said...

Hy there versuchskaninchen:

I don't have either book in any e format, but I know that they are both available.

For Stealth of Nations try the Random House website: and click on ebook.

For Shadow Cities, I didn't find a link on the Routledge site. But I know they have put out an electronic version, because they have sold some.

Good luck and thanks for your interest.