Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FRESH AIR picks up on System D/the informal economy

I will try to avoid posting too many plugs for my book on this blog. But I can't resist popping this one up: You can listen to me today in an interview with the National Public Radio show Fresh Air.


tapasananda said...

i heard you just now on npr
i am in ganges michigan near holland at
i have spent lots of time in india esp kolkata and the market scenes there are similar to your descript of lagos
all merchants bark the same bark
next week we have a program by a peace corp woman who lived in liberia
i am a monk but did philosophy ba at dartmouth prior 1966
if you come out this way i can arrange several talks for you here and locally, book signings etc in 2012 spring or summer
swami tapasananda

rn said...

Hi tapasananda:

I've always wanted to go to Kolkata, but so far I've only been to Mumbai and Delhi. I can well imagine that the markets of Kolkata are truly vibrant. Thanks for your note. If I have any opportunity to get to Michigan, I'll be in touch.