Tuesday, February 28, 2012

artisans of the future

System D could be the next center of growth for Uganda, according to this article from The Monitor newspaper.

"With about 800,000 micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Uganda the informal economy growing at about 25 per cent annually employs about 2.5 million people," the article reports -- which means that, as the summary suggests, "Artisans could be the future of this economy if they are given priority in the next financial year."

To that end, Mulangira Juma Kayima, chairman of the Katwe Metal Fabricators Cluster, has asked government to include artisans in next year’s budget -- so that the country can produce more local investors compared to the foreign ones who repatriate the profits back to their countries. As he told the paper, "The government should commend us to be our own investors because we are passionate about improving this country."

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