Thursday, February 16, 2012

we are the 94 percent

Here's an astounding fact, from an article in livemint: "According to government estimates, the informal sector constitutes almost 94% of India’s workforce and accounts for around 60% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP)."

Why do governments continue to insist that these workers are illegal and their economic actions illegitimate? Should the Indian government be outlawing 94% of India's working population?


felipe said...

dear mr. Neuwirth,

I'm a journalist from Brazil reading Stealth of Nations and writing a story about informal economy. I'd like to ask you some questions. could you give your email?

Felipe van Deursen
Superinteressante magazine

rn said...

Hey Felipe:

I'd be glad to talk. You can reach me at squattercity at yahoo dot com.


FreemonSandlewould said...

They say we have 99% of our DNA in common with chimpanzees. I am sure of it when I see the piles of steaming occupy.

Thus I say it is better to be part of the 94% than the 99%.